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Contact me at (973) 462-6010 or
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The Prince of Parts...
and Everything Auto Parts and Auto Repair...

With 39 years of experience of owning, running, overseeing and working hand in hand in auto parts stores, automotive warehouses, and auto repair facilities, I am hoping to share
my experiences, my thoughts, ideas, successes and failures to all those that will listen!

With industry tips, professionally written stories, and the passion to change our industry for the better, maybe together we can deliver on that challenge.

The Prince of Parts, is an idea to help generate ideas, thoughts and give insight into today's many business challenges that face today's auto part store owners, countermen and technicians. With 39 years of working in the trenches, on the counter, paying bills, receiving inventory, running technical training seminars, running Open Houses and sharing ideas written for Counterman Magazine, maybe we can build tomorrow's aftermarket today!

Have an idea, a thought or comment. Send it in, let's discuss it and make it better! If you need help, I have financial experience, both great and bad, I have sales experience..only great, and I have technical experience, so if you're having problems and need an ear or an idea, give me an email.

Choose to read, review and interact with The Prince of Parts, as together we can share ideas and build a better tomorrow!

Contact me at (973) 462-6010 or for further information.

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